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Project: Laundry Organization

I roughly follow this system for laundry (minus all her talk of kids clothes because I have no kids).  Because I don’t sort by color, most pre-labeled laundry bags are not helpful to me so I created full size labels for each of our laundry bags.  Our laundry room is currently in the basement, being organized means less trips up and down steps. Win-win.

For this project, I used our existing laundry cart and bags which were purchased from Costco. I measured the width of each bag and cut as close to the measurements as I dared. I recommend aiming to keep it smaller than expected because I had to re-space some of my letters. Originally I envisioned the ampersand in the middle being larger than Towels/Linens but there was no space for that so I had to re-do. This is why measuring is important. If you are using Cricut Design Space for this project, I recommend splitting the words in half to maximize material usage (example: DELI was separate from CATES, I manually placed them together).

The font used is BlessedMamaliga-CondensedSerif and can be found as part of the Blessed Script package at DesignCuts but you don’t need to buy a font (and also there are a lot of free fonts out there).

Once everything was cut and I peeled off excess material, I simply smoothed out one bag at a time, placed the labels on it and made sure they fit. It was at this point I had to scoot some letters closer to each other and also realized the original “&” was a no-go. Once I felt good with my arrangement, I used my iron on its hottest setting with no steam. DO NOT USE STEAM.

And voila! It’s been a couple of weeks and I’ve definitely been inclined to keep up with doing my laundry because I can visually confirm when I have enough of one category to justify a load vs my old method of waiting till everything was overflowing to sort and wash.


If you need help with a similar project feel free to hit me up!

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