What I’ve Been Makin’

My latest obsession is customizing steel tumblers-  each one consists of a thin layer of epoxy, glitter, more epoxy to smooth it out, any decals/customization, and another layer of epoxy to seal it all in. Many times I sand between layers in order to get everything as smooth and thin as possible. They are quite a commitment!

Each tumbler is handwash only, no soaking and don’t leave in your car in extreme temps. Soon I’ll be experimenting with a premium epoxy.

Making tumblers is fun, but quite the learning curve. I have only given a brief description of the involved process, but if you are interested in learning more I am sure there will be future posts. I included several examples of my work, but I’ve been bad about photographing every cup I’ve done. I am currently in the process of building a second “cuptisserie” for rotating cups while they dry so I can create double the cups.

If you’d like to request a custom tumbler for yourself or a friend, please shoot me an email at flippityjane@gmail.com


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